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CAPPICO Polishing Cloth

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Product Description

Just like you, your jewellery needs love too.

When we designed our brand, we wanted to ensure that our customers jewellery maintained their shine for as long as possible. Hence, we came up with the idea of designing our own polishing cloth just for your Cappico products. 

After all, a little care goes a long way!

Why should I buy a polishing cloth?

  • Environmental friendly
  • Lower Cost
  • Fast
  • Travel Friendly

Usage and Care (READ ME)

This polishing cloth is suitable for any type of metal jewellery. Just give your jewellery a good buff with the underside of the cloth, and it will regain its shine.

When polishing sterling silver jewellery (S925), the cloth will blacken. This is because of the combination of oxidation (tarnish) from the silver and residue from the polishing compound impregnated in the cloth. Polish until you are happy with the shine the jewellery exudes. Even well shined silver will leave slight black markings on the cloth. 

Please do not launder your polishing cloth as it will destroy the polishing compounds, rendering the polishing cloth useless. The  cloth can be reused many times even after it turns black. We suggest you only purchase a new cloth when you see it no longer shines your jewelry.

Material and Measurements

Velvet, impregnated with polishing compounds. 

Size; 8cm by 8 cm 

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